Easton Digital Voice (EDV) offers IP based alternatives to traditional POTS lines and PRI service. EDV is available in four flavors: Business Lines, SIP Trunking, SIP PRI and Hosted PBX. This scalable, cost effective service offers many features for managing your communication needs.

Voice Services

Reliable phone service is a must-have for any business. Easton has all of your voice telecom needs covered, from basic business lines to robust PRI and dedicated voice circuits delivered using both traditional and VoIP technologies.

Easton Data | Network Services

Easton Data Services offer secure, robust options to carry all of your mission critical data. Options from a single point to point VPN to large MPLS networks are available nationwide.

Easton Internet Access

Reliable internet access is a necessity for any business today. Whether it is DSL and Coax or dedicated T1 service and above for larger corporations, Easton has the speed to meet your needs. Easton's reliable, scalable internet access is available nationwide in many different access types.

Nationwide Services Available

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Easton Telecom has been a premier full service business-to-business telecommunications supplier since its inception in 1992. Easton offers multiple voice, data and wireless solutions to businesses nationwide.