V Voice Over IP Services

Easton Digital Voice (EDV)

Easton Digital Voice (EDV) is an IP based replacement for traditional voice services such as PRI, POTS and Centrex.  EDV is a feature-rich, cost-effective alternative offering the same functionality of the services you enjoy today. EDV is best delivered utilizing Easton Internet Access, or if you are currently under contract, you may bring your own connection from an alternative carrier.

EDV Service Types:

EDV Business Lines provide the same features and functionality as traditional POTS service. With the assistance of an ATA (router), you can keep your existing phones and our Business Lines will emulate the existing POTS service you enjoy today.

EDV SIP Trunks
can offer significant cost savings for business, eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways and costly ISDN BRIs or PRIs. In contrast to a traditional PRI which allows only 23 channels, SIP Trunks allow businesses the flexibility to scale their voice solutions to meet their needs by allowing as many trunks as needed (minimum of two required). SIP Trunks offer significant cost savings for end users over traditional ISDN PRI.

is a scalable solution which emulates a traditional PRI. With as little as 11 voice lines required, EDV PRI is a fit for any size business.

EDV Hosted
provides innovative communication tools and calling features, which are all managed and hosted on Easton’s VoIP network. No need for purchasing expensive PBX/key system equipment; all you need are phones.

Services Available Nationwide

Easton Telecom has been a premier full service business-to-business telecommunications supplier since its inception in 1992. Easton offers multiple voice, data and wireless solutions to businesses nationwide.