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Voice, Text & Data
Easton wireless services are available utilizing the nationwide 4G network. The offering includes a variety of business voice, text and data plans along with a variety of mobile devices. Voice plan minutes may be shared with multiple users across an organization for a minimal monthly fee.
The wireless service will be bundled on the same invoice as all other Easton services. As a wireless customer, you will have access to expense management tools to track and manage monthly expenditures and service packages.
Mobile Broadband
Stay connected with Easton Mobile Broadband when you are away from the office. Mobile Broadband is also a cost-effective service to deploy as a back-up for essential Internet applications. The service is offered nationwide.
Easton offers a variety of mobile broadband plans at competitive prices. The service is available nationwide. Easton devices include MiFi and USB sticks. Term options include month to month, one year and two year.
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