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Easton VoIP service provides an assortment of robust features and functionality at great rates. VoIP is available nationwide with scalable solutions to fit any business from large enterprises to small offices. Both IP Trunking and Hosted PBX service types are available.
Sufficient Internet bandwidth is a requirement for quality VoIP service; Easton Internet Service is available in many speeds to ensure call clarity.
IP Trunking
IP Trunking is a great fit for customers who currently have an IP PBX to TDM based PBX and wish to continue using it. IP Trunking allows your business to continue to use all the features and functionality of current PBX systems while offering low outbound and inbound calling rates, toll free service and many other features. IP Trunking has two variants and the best fit is determined by the type of PBX the end user has.
The first, Address Trunking, is used if the phone system is SIP enabled. The second, Device Trunking, is used if the existing phone system is TDM–based. In this case, a multi–port integration device is installed between the phone system and LAN. The integration device allows the existing phone system to make and receive IP calls.
Hosted IP PBX
Hosted IP PBX service offers the features and functionality of PBX phone systems and traditional POTS features. With Hosted IP PBX, license features are hosted on the carrier's platform, eliminating the need for costly equipment expenditures. Easton's Hosted IP PBX comes complete with many advanced PBX features previously available only from very costly switching systems. These features make the Hosted IP PBX one of the most scalable, powerful and yet compact software–based platforms in the industry. Hosted PBX is a great solution for companies with a mobile workforce. Extensive unified communication features including find me follow me, e–fax and enhanced voice mail and email.
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