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Local Business Lines (POTS)
Easton local business lines offer dial tone and all of the standard local features that you currently enjoy at a great price. There are many line, calling and feature packages available to fit your needs. Local POTS is available in certain areas nationwide.
* Availability based on location and underlying network.
Easton VoIP, a great alternative for traditional POTS and PRI service, boasts diverse features and functionality and is available nationwide.
PRI allows T-1 lines to support high-speed digital transmission, multiple line sharing, switched long distance and sophisticated call processing capabilities. PRI provides a wide range of standard features including inbound caller ID number services with 23 channels for inbound, outbound or bi–directional calling.
* Availability based on location and underlying network.
Versa-T (Integrated T-1)
Combine your local, long distance and internet on one integrated T-1 for a low monthly fee. On the local side, the Versa-T offers local dial tone plus local service features currently available with POTS service. The long distance service boasts competitive long distance rates for both outbound and toll free service. Dedicated high speed Internet access is available in multiple speeds from 64Kbps to 1.5Mbps. If one T-1 isn't enough, then we offer bonded T service up to 12Mbps with up to a full T of voice!
* Availability based on location and underlying network.
Versa-T Availability
The Versa-T is available in metropolitan markets nationwide. Contact Easton today to verify availability at your location.
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