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Internet Access
Reliable internet access is a necessity for any business today. Whether it is DSL for a small business or T1 service and above for larger corporations, Easton has the speed to meet your needs. Easton's reliable, scalable internet access is available nationwide.
Service Types
Dedicated Internet Access
Versa–T (Integrated Voice and Data Access)
Combine your local, long distance and internet on one integrated T1 for a low monthly fee. On the local side, the Versa–T offers local dial tone plus local service features currently available with POTS service. The long distance service boasts competitive long distance rates for both outbound and toll free service. Dedicated high–speed internet access is available in multiple speeds from 64Kbps to 1.5Mbps. If one T1 isn't enough, bond additional T1s up to 12Mbps with up to a full T of voice!
* Availability based on location and underlying network.
Easton offers high–speed business class internet utilizing two coax networks. The service is available in multiple speeds and is delivered via a cable modem or router. The service is great for small– to medium–sized businesses looking to an alternative to DSL and/or data services.
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)
Easton DSL offers high–quality, high–performance broadband internet access for small businesses. DSL is available nationwide.
Mobile Broadband
Stay connected with Easton Mobile Broadband when you are away from the office. Easton offers a variety of mobile broadband plans at competitive prices. The service is available nationwide. Easton devices include MiFi and USB sticks. Mobile Broadband service is a great backup service for Easton's other internet offerings.
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