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Audio & Web Conferencing
Easton Anywhere – One Rate Call (Audio & Web)
With Anywhere Conferencing, Easton will provide you with a virtual conference room that is available 24/7 by dialing a personal room number and conference code. Easton Anywhere enables you to dynamically meet online with anyone, anywhere and at any time. Share presentations, documents or any other media for true efficiency. With just a phone and a web browser, web conferencing allows you to productively and cost–effectively engage in your most important business without having to leave your office.
There are three call types:
Easton Anywhere User Guide
Easton Anytime – Conference on Demand (Audio Call)
Easton Anytime is our high–quality, on–demand conferencing service designed for frequent, regular or last–minute meetings. It is easy to use and you can start your teleconference calls at any time to reach people all over the world. A virtual conference room is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing a personal phone number and PIN code. The virtual conference room can be accessed from any location. Up to 300 participants can dial–in to the call or the host can dial–out to them.
There are three call types:
Easton Anytime User Guide
Video Conferencing
Easton video conferencing is available to customers utilizing ISDN BRI lines. Easton customers who have their own video conferencing equipment can place 1+ and video conferencing calls. The video conference call is treated like a switched long distance call.
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